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External Wall Insulation (EWI): (read more)

External wall insulation is a system in which a high performing insulation material is fixed to the exterior of a building, it is then covered with a specialised render cladding available in a variety of finishes from a traditional textured render look to face brick and so on. The insulating properties associated with EWI systems have been said to save the average sized family home up £475 per year on their energy bills, and thus, reducing your carbon footprint. once completed, not only will the EWI provide your home with highly effective insulation, but give substantial protection from the elements.
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Monocouche: (read more)

A cement based and sometimes also silicone based through coloured render. Monocouche provides a water repellent but breathable render system that requires little maintenance. Used on its own, or alongside contrasting colours or materials, Monocouche provides a beautiful finish and visually stunning effects.
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Silicone/Acrylic thin coat renders: (read more)

Thin coat renders can be applied to virtually any background, but are particularly suitable where a light weight system is required. For example, EWI (external wall insulation). they incorporate a mesh reinforced under coat, teamed with the thin coat render itself, it is surprisingly resistant to cracking. Thin coat renders are already manufactured in a vast array of colours but can also be ordered bespoke.
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Lime based render: (read more)

Lime based renders are used over solid, non cavity walls to provide breathability and water repellency to the substrate. they are also required where lime based mortars have been used in the brick work. such substrates are prone to movement which would be accommodated by the lime based render. A sand cement based render would be too strong and would simply crack over time.
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Sand and Cement: (read more)

Sand and cement is a long time proven system that provides a flat sandy textured finish. Additives are used to enhance the weather proofing properties of the render and gives a clean cut look as an alternative to to face brick.
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Partition wall (read more)

We can erect a timber or metal stud frame to divide, or section off an existing space.
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Dry lining: (read more)

Lining stud walls, ceilings, or brick/block work with either screws or dry wall adhesive. Tapered edge plaster boards are used to accommodate a thin layer of reinforcing tape and filler to eliminate the cost of plastering.
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Suspended ceilings: (read more)

Suspended ceilings are used to create a void between itself and the ceiling in which it hangs from. These are typically used in order to make an acoustic or thermal barrier, other systems can be a cheap alternative to plaster finished ceilings in offices and commercial buildings etc.
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Internal plastering: (read more)

Gypsum based plasters are used internally to make brick/block work, board work, or existing masonry backgrounds flat and smooth.
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